Pauline Mash School for Early Childhood Education


Beth El Early Childhood Center is the first MSDE accredited Jewish early childhood program in Baltimore

Beth El's Preschool Accreditation Featured in Jewish Times. Click HERE to read all about it!

Program accreditation standards represent the highest quality and reflect research-based, best practices in early childhood education.

Our curriculum includes literature, math/science awareness, language skill development, music and movement. Our daily routine establishes a comfort level that preschool children need to maximize their learning. We enable them to grow as learners, discover, explore, be challenged, and problem solve through hands on experiences. Exposing the children to many choices helps them to achieve independence, self confidence, and a sense of responsibility.

The children are given a sense of Jewish identity through the weekly observance of Shabbat, the celebration of Jewish holidays, and the introduction of Hebrew through songs, stories, games, and conversation. We encourage parents to join us for Kabbalat Shabbat celebration every Friday morning. Through regular exposure, children also gain a familiarity with the synagogue environment.

Effort is its own reward.
We are here to do,
And through doing to learn;
And through learning to know;
And through knowing to experience wonder; 

And through wonder to attain wisdom; 

And through wisdom to find simplicity; 

And through simplicity to give attention; 

And through attention to see what needs to be done.
Pirkei Avot V:27

Our Mission

The Pauline Mash School for Early Childhood Education provides children birth through five years of age a nurturing Jewish environment and innovative, educational experiences that stimulate exploration, creativity, and community. We facilitate children’s growth as curious, competent, responsible and caring individuals. Through observation and documentation we empower young children to become effective, enthusiastic, independent learners. We partner with their families to create a warm, caring and supportive community where everyone is respected and valued.

Our Synagogue

The Pauline Mash School for Early Childhood Education is affiliated with the Beth El Congregation, a progressive Conservative synagogue affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. The vision of the congregation is to strengthen the continuity of our faith from generation to generation through high quality education for students and families in order to encourage a lifelong commitment to the values and tenets of a progressive Conservative Judaism and to ensure all children reach their fullest potential.

Synagogue clergy are an active part of our program and the children have access to the entire facility including the chapel, the sanctuary, the auditorium and the library. The congregation offers children’s services on Shabbat and most holidays. Members of the congregation receive a discount on school tuition. Most of our children enroll in the Congregation’s religious school after graduating from the early childhood program.


Jewish values and celebration form the foundation of the school’s curriculum. Our program integrates Jewish values and concepts into music, movement, cooking, literature, math, science, gardening, and art. Children celebrate Shabbat every week in class and as a whole school with the rabbi. Through regular exposure children become familiar with the synagogue, our clergy, daily and holiday rituals, and blessings. Some Jewish values the children are exposed to are:

• Shalom Bayit/Shalom Kitah – peace in the house/peace in the classroom
• G’milut Chasadim – acts of loving kindness
• Hachnasat Orchim – hospitality to strangers
• Tzedakah – charity
• Tza’ar Ba’alay Chayim – kindness to animals
• Kovad- respect
• Hiddur P’nay Zakain – honoring the elderly
• Tikkun Olam – repairing the world
• Shimerot Hagoof – taking care of the body
• B’zelem Eloheem – in the image of God
• Brachot - blessings

Our program also focuses on the following areas of development – cognitive, social-emotional, physical, language and literacy, science and math, social studies, and spiritual development. We use Creative Curriculum, a Maryland State Department of Education sanctioned curriculum. We recognize that children enter the program with varied experiences and that children have different learning styles and different interests. Teacher observation, monitoring and documentation of children’s growth are a significant part of the curriculum as we strive to meet the developmental needs of every child.

Hebrew Language – Language is one of the main ways of identifying and differentiating one culture from another. We will be exposing the children to Hebrew language through songs and games to familiarize them with Hebrew as the language of the Jewish people. Each class will have a designated time once a week for Hebrew experiences with an Israeli Hebrew teacher. Hebrew vocabulary will match the classes current curricular focus and Hebrew songs and games will reflect the Jewish holidays.

The Pauline Mash School for Early Childhood Education is licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education. We are affiliated with the Center for Jewish Education, a constituent agency of The Associated.


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